15th January 2020

6pm – 10pm

Gridiron Guest:
The Turner & George Beef Speakeasy

Throughout the year we have invited a brilliant line-up of chefs to come and collaborate with us at Gridiron, sharing our passion for open fire cooking and seasonal, ethically sourced produce

To kick off 2020 we thought it would be fitting to partner with our Executive Chef Richard Turner’s artisan butchery; Turner & George

Wednesday 15th January – The Turner & George Beef Speakeasy

Richard H. Turner is an acclaimed restaurateur with an unwavering passion for food. James George is a man who knows and loves his trade.


Together, they formed Turner & George. An artisan butchery that delivers the kind of meat you'd always want at your table and ever since its inception in 2013, the shop and online service has consistently made waves on the UK food scene. Which in part, is down to a distinctive approach to butchery, blending both modern ideas and traditional techniques. But largely, it is the quality and provenance of the meat that does all the talking.


Native and rare breed beef - slow grown, grass fed and sourced from independent farms - is certainly the name of the game. But it was decided one night (after a bourbon or two) that it just wasn't enough to sell properly dry-aged steaks and joints, with beautiful rich marbling and glorious yellow fat. To truly show off their commitment to the cause, Turner & George would have to start cooking the beef themselves.


And lo, the Turner & George Beef Speakeasy was born. A pop-up restaurant where beef would always take centre stage, with education about breeds and cuts, all to be featured throughout the whole menu.


As with all great journeys, these supper clubs have slowly evolved, getting bigger and better all the time. From small acorns as it were. But this latest venture with Gridiron has got the T&G team very excited and ready to push the envelope.


The menu below, conceived by Richard H. Turner, certainly shows that this idea of a Beef Speakeasy is not just a flash in the pan.


After all, how many other restaurants can truly tell you where your meat has come from, or how it has been cut?